Art of Perfume : Discovering and Collecting Perfume Bottles by Christie Mayer Lefkowith

Although bottles specially made to contain perfume have been used since antiquity, in modern times their designs have become as varied and original as the exotic scents they contain. Their history in the twentieth century has been marked by the development of elaborate packaging: boxes, labels, ribbons, and medallions. The product of modern marketing--an attempt to create a personality for each perfume with its own distinctive name--perfume bottles have been the work of some of the century's finest designers. This lavishly illustrated survey presents some of the most striking designs, outlines the historical and social background to their creation, and reflects the talents of leading designers such as Ren Lalique, Lucien Gaillard, and Julien Viard, as well as glassmakers including Baccarat, Dpinoix, Brosse, and Lalique. Inspired creations resulting from close collaborations are also explored, such as between Paul Poiret--the first couturier to introduce his own perfumes--and his artist friends, among them Paul Iribe and Georges Lepape; or Elsa Schiaparelli and the Surrealist painter Salvador Dal. A passionate collector of perfume bottles, the author has made a detailed study of company records, trade journals, and other archival material. She has also interviewed leading figures in the perfume industry, their associates, or their surviving relatives. With its authoritative historical analysis, more than 200 illustrations in color, and a reference section listing over 500 major perfumers, designers, and glassmakers, this book provides an indispensable record for collectors and designers alike.

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